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Christine McDaniel

Christine McDaniel


Real Estate Services


Hi there! My name is Christine and I’m ready to help make your Home Buying and Selling process as seamless as I possibly can! A house is not a house, it is a home and it’s YOUR home.

I recently joined the Real Estate Industry in 2020 but I am a fast learner, a problem solver and have always loved helping others (I’ve been a Virtual Executive Assistant since 2015). I find helping people get their lives and major decisions in order very rewarding. I’m extremely determined, driven and love being the person that one can rely on and trust to get things done – it’s one of the most wonderful feeling to have.

Something I’ve realized with homes is that… whatever the number of homes you have purchased (1, 5 or 10!), it’s a new, exciting, and memorable chapter in your life: Off on your own from college, a marriage, a divorce, your first baby, your growing family, your many many fur-babies, your new career, an investor, a new business owner, someone who struggled and started with nothing and worked their way up to a place they never thought they would be . . .  ALL of it! A new HOME, whether it be bought or rented, brings in a new story, a new memory and I would love to be part of bringing those memories to life.

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